When it comes to making the most of your living space, organizing your closets can provide a two-for-one benefit for little or no additional cost. First, it can make simple existing in your own space so much more doable and enjoyable; and second, neatly organized closets can make your home that much more attractive when it comes time to sell (think: Easy staging).

Shelve it. Nothing helps make the most of what might be very tight closet space than an expertly arranged assortment of shelves and racks. Forget a boring ol’ rod for your hangers: Not only will shelves provide certain places for certain items, but they’ll also keep more items within view. And depending on the arrangement, you can still have ample space for those special items that can never be folded, only hung.

Room for shoes. While you’re freeing up some space for your clothes, give your shoes a better home, too. Creating racks or neat shelves for your shoes keeps them off the floor, from being lost and from making your bedroom or entryway looking sloppy. Scattered shoes have a way of saving, “I don’t care.” Neat shoes equal a neat impression.

Around the house. After you’ve organized your clothes and shoes, move to utility closets, game closets and those spaces where you’ve stashed all your cleaning products. They could all use the kind of organization that keeps everyday items within reach and keeps them neat for visitors, whether they’re friends or potential buyers. You never know who might be looking, so keep it neat!