What are the features that first time home buyers look for, and what can sellers do to accommodate this wishlist to make their home stand out? First, consider where these home buyers are coming from. First time home buyers will be moving from places where most things are taken care of for them – school housing, an apartment, or a family member’s home.

When you consider their situation, it is no surprise that first time home buyers expect some of these same amenities in a new home. They want convenience, ease-of-use and modern updates – inside and out.

Top Wish List Features First Time Home Buyers Want:
  • Lots of space: open floor plans are popular because they represent a multitude of possibilities for laying out a room
  • Modern kitchen: updated kitchens with modern appliances and lifestyle features will rank high on first time home buyers wish lists for cooking and eating in
  • Updated bathroom: a remodeled, modern bathroom is a must-have
  • Outdoor living space: a porch, patio, backyard – an outdoor living space, especially in warm climates, is important to first time home buyers who want to entertain friends
  • Laundry room: these buyers are looking for convenience, including doing laundry in their own home instead of shared apartment laundry
  • Storage Space: the more the better – if you’re selling your home, maximize and show off the storage capabilities
  • Modern safety and efficiency features like exterior lighting, digital thermostat, energy efficient appliances and windows and low maintenance landscaping