Container Gardens are an easy way to add beautiful flowers, healthy veggies, or lush landscape to a small area like a porch. Some plants work better than others, and it pays to choose appropriate plants for your particular climate, lighting and space.

How Much Sun Will Your Plants Get?

When choosing plants for a container garden, consider how much light hits that spot and choose plants that like that amount of sun. There are excellent choices for any amount of sunlight, so read the tags on the plants at the nursery to determine the best fit for your space. Save those tags for reference once you bring your plants home.

What Size Container Does Your Plant Need?

Make sure you choose a container for the size the plant will be when fully grown – not the size that it is now. Fill the container with good potting soil to give your plants plenty of room and nutrients to thrive. Make sure your container has a hole in the bottom for drainage, as many plants do not like to sit in wet soil. If you put different kinds of plants in the same container, make sure that they all require a similar amount of light and moisture.

The best thing about container gardens is that they can easily be moved inside during harsh weather to make them last longer. Carefully watch and care for your plants in your container garden, and you’ll have long-lasting, moveable landscaping throughout the seasons.