If you’re preparing your home to sell, or you’ve just started your yearly big spring cleaning, banishing the clutter is the place to start. Decluttering your home can be overwhelming, but there are simple steps to take that will make this task easier to handle.

To banish clutter for good it helps to have a place for everything. Clutter happens most often when an item doesn’t have a “home” that it always returns to. So your first step is to walk thru each room, gather all the items that you know belong somewhere else and then put them away in their home.

Next up? All that paper. Magazines, newspapers, print-outs, receipts and homework. Decide what to keep, what to recycle and what to throw away. Make sure all incoming paper from now on has a home to come to and stay instead of being piled on the coffee table.

As you declutter, items that are still useful to someone, but not necessarily to you, can be donated. Go thru drawers, closets, cabinets and shelves, keeping things you use and putting things you don’t use anymore in a box to donate.

The process will be the same for every room to banish the clutter: keep, recycle, donate or toss. Keeping your home free of clutter gives you more livable space, less to clean and a sense of well-being. Whether you’re selling your home or just making it fresh, decluttering is a worthwhile endeavor.