Spring has homeowners assessing their yards – what stays, what goes and what needs sprucing up. Landscaping and maintenance can be costly, but there are some tricks and tips to help make this job easier and cheaper:

  • Mulch can be expensive – try grass clippings from your lawn mower bag, or crunch up the leaves or pine needles you just raked as alternatives to mulch
  • Repurpose an old car tire (which are difficult to get rid of anyway) as a brightly painted planter 
  • Make a vertical garden for your patio with an old ladder and plants potted in old paint cans that can hang from each rung
  • Repaint all your outdoor pots with leftover house project paint to create a fresh look for your flowers that matches your house
  • Use strings of holiday lights to define a space, wrap a tree or wind around a fence
  • Add a brightly colored flowering plant or two to unique spots in your yard like a gate entry, a mailbox post base or front steps
  • Surround the base of your trees with a colorful circle of flowers that enjoy the shade
  • Add stepping stones in your lawn where people most often walk as a focal point and to keep the grass from getting worn thin

You won’t need to pay for expensive professional landscape to give your yard a little bit of a refresher. Get creative, repurpose unused items and most of all enjoy your great outdoors.