Kids’ favorite day of the whole school year? Undoubtedly it’s Field Day. If one Field Day is just not enough for your family, have another in your own backyard!

Here are 7 easy games you can set up and play again and again. And don’t forget to reward participants with a treat!

  1. Toss an Egg: In pairs, toss an egg back and forth, stepping back a step every round. Keep going until there’s only one pair of winners that still have their egg intact.
  2. Obstacle Course: Have every kid grab one item from inside the house and line them up, spaced apart. Run, jump, crawl, hop around the items in rounds. Best time wins.
  3. I Spy: Hide a handful of small objects in the backyard. At “GO” everyone searches for them until they are found.
  4. Long jump: Simply measure how far everyone can jump from a line.
  5. Backyard Bowling: Using bottles from your recycling and any ball, set up a game of bowling on your lawn. Winner knocks down the most bottles in one throw.
  6. Knee Ball Race: Holding a ball between your knees without dropping it, race from one side of the yard to the other.
  7. Pass the Sponge: Divide into two teams and line up. Using only a sponge teams must transfer water from one bucket to the other. Team with the most water in the second bucket wins.