Creating an inspiring and comfortable outdoor space – whether it’s in your backyard, front yard, garden or patio – can add hours of enjoyment to your days, as well as adding curb appeal to your home, whether you are considering selling or not. If your wish list includes an outdoor living room, a stylish dining area, a playground oasis or a hearty vegetable garden you can make the most of living outdoors in the warm months ahead by planning now.

So what’s on your wish list for your great outdoors? There are many ways to make the most of your unique space:

  • Colorful English-style garden with stone paths, birdhouses, and lighting
  • Playground complete with jungle gym, sandbox, and tree house
  • Shaded outdoor kitchen and dining area with an in-ground speaker system, grill and even a sink and prep area
  • Cozy reading area with a comfy swinging bench
  • Backyard chicken coop or dog run
  • Pool, hot tub or water feature
  • Vegetable and herb garden
  • Camp-style firepit

    With ideas in hand, do a little research to discover different ways you can utilize your available space to create your ideas within your budget. Use landscaping, lighting, outdoor furniture and hardscape to create your ideal outdoor space. From the simplicity of a comfortable chair and patio umbrella – to an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven, the possibilities are endless.