When autumn rolls around, one thing everyone enjoys is a comfortable place to get warm. With a little forethought, you might even add some resale value to your home while you’re at it.

What could do that? A thoroughly comfy outdoor living area.

Start with the platform and an outdoor carpet. Having a concrete pad topped with weather-resistant rugs or carpeting will make the area seem more solid and inviting.

Next, find the centerpiece—a wood or propane firepit. Nothing says, “Gather around” like a warm fire in the crisp fall air. Day or night, that one accoutrement can suddenly make creating the rest of your outdoor living area seem natural.

After that, find the most comfortable seating you can. Are simply camp chairs your thing? What about going the resale shop route and setting up some old couches? Better yet, find a flexible and affordable patio set that lets you create multiple arrangements for small or big groups in style. For a bonus, have a weather-proof trunk or bin nearby to store the warm blankets that everyone will want.

Finally, make sure your outdoor living area is to a grill or outdoor cooking station. Having food nearby will make entertaining that much easier for you and enjoyable for your guests.

There, now you have some ideas for how to make the most of your outdoor space before the real cold hits. Enjoy!