Autumn is here, and that means a few items of fall maintenance are in order (and don’t worry, we’ll be back with winter, spring and summer lists later on). 

Trim time. With the growing season for trees, shrubs and gardens just about over, it’s time to think about trimming (and pulling). For starters, schedule some tree-trimming for early in the fall. In most parts of the country, it’s smart to wait until the end of October to trim oaks to avoid the risk of oak wilt. For all trees and shrubs, wait until they’ve fully shed all their seeds to prune back any branches.

Windows and doors. With winter drafts coming in, check to ensure that your windows and doors are properly sealed with either caulk at the seams or weather stripping on the inside trim of doors (and windows, if necessary). You can easily do a “daylight check” with old doors, but also check to see if any air is coming through old weather strip.

Fall lawn treatment. Because weeds seed most often in the late summer and fall, make sure you apply a good anti-weed treatment before the frost or snow hit. That will mitigate early-growth weeds in the spring. Also, if you have a problem with moles, now is the time to apply beneficial nematodes—microscopic worms that kill grubs and earthworms, the prime food source for moles. The nematodes also will enrich the soil and cause zero harm to grass, tree and shrub roots.

With attention to just a few details, you can head into winter knowing your lawn and home are better for the extra care.